Biden Calls Out Republican Governors For 'Disappointing' COVID Leadership

President shines a light on those governors banning masks

Many of the nation's governors are taking the surge of COVID-19 cases across the country seriously by such actions as reinstating mask mandates.

Others — particularly a number of Republican state executives — are taking steps based on ideology and politics rather than common sense and science.

And as vaccinations are beginning to rise again after having plateaued prove a bright spot in the midst of surging COVID-19 cases across the country, President Biden called out those GOP governors Tuesday as unhelpful and “disappointing.”

These Republican governors “have declined to step up,” Biden said.

“And worst of all, some state officials are passing laws or signing orders that forbid people from doing the right thing,” the president said. “As of now, seven states not only ban mask mandates, but also ban them in their school districts, even for young children who cannot get vaccinated. Some states have even banned businesses and universities from requiring workers and students to be masked or vaccinated.

“And the most extreme of those measures is like the one in Texas that say state universities or community colleges could be fined if it allows a teacher to ask her unvaccinated students to wear a mask,” he added.

Just two states, Florida and Texas, account for one third of all new COVID-19 cases in the entire country. And both states are led by right-wing ideologues.

“Look, we need leadership from everyone. And if some governors aren’t willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic, then they should allow businesses and universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it,” Biden said. “I say to these governors, ‘Please, help.’ But if you aren’t going to help, at least get out of the way of the people who are trying to do the right thing. Use your power to save lives.”

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