Celebrity Actor Schools Lindsey Graham On Impeachment

Having served as a manager of Bill Clinton's impeachment, the South Carolina Republican should know better

There's likely going to come a point — if it hasn't been reached already — where Republicans and other critics of President Biden simply take one step too far.

What's meant there is that someone spending their days bloviating about how wrong-headed and how much of a failure and embarrassment Biden's policies in Afghanistan have been that they simply cross a line.

Something is said either so wildly inaccurate or deeply unfair that it snaps the majority of Americans out of this national funk brought on by being bombarded with so many days of heart-wrenching scenes coming out of newly Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

At that point, the pendulum will swing — probably hard — and the broad swath of both the political punditry and the American people will reawaken to the enormity and complexity of the planning and logistics behind airlifting possibly close to 100,000 individuals, or more, — by the time all's said and done — out of a country sinking by the day into not only brutality but into a state which more closely resembles civilization perhaps 1,000 years ago.

Sen Lindsey Graham's drumbeat for the impeachment of Joe Biden — which continued Tuesday evening on Fox News — certainly qualifies as one such tipping point. Especially after a Hollywood celebrity better known for his acting chops than political acumen publicly schooled the South Carolina Republican in the not-so-finer points of presidential impeachment.

Even more embarrassing for Graham is the fact that not only is he a former attorney, but he himself served as one of the managers of President Bill Clinton's impeachment in 1998 over his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

In his Tuesday evening appearance on Fox News, Graham said that the president “should be impeached,” because he believes that Biden's foreign policy in Afghanistan “makes it harder to fight future wars.”

It took actor Jon Cryer — known as the co-star of the sitcom Two And A Half Men and his role in the '80s teen film, Pretty In Pink — to disabuse Graham via Twitter of the fallacy of his thinking.

“Impeachment is invoked when a president abuses their power. Like say if they try to extort a foreign country into helping their campaign or incite an attack on our Capitol,” Cryer wrote, referring to former president Donald Trump's role in the deadly January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol Building. “A president fulfilling the commitment of his predecessor is not an abuse of presidential power.”

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