Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Full Tilt And Kevin McCarthy Angry Tweets About It

Expulsion, not a stern press release, is the real answer

You know that finally — finally — Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene's gotten a rise out of House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.

If you want to call it that.

But to be fair, when the freshman congresswoman from Georgia was down with the whole baby-eating QAnon thing, McCarthy could barely look up from his desk.

Then there was that whole thing where she went around claiming that California wildfires are actually caused by Jewish-owned space lasers.

McCarthy mustered a solid, “Meh.”

Greene finally crossed a line with social media posts which called for violence and death to President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others.

That was enough to strip Greene of her committee assignments. But that was done on the backs of Democratic votes. Only 11 House Republicans joined in that vote.

But all that seems to have done is to have left Greene with more time on her hands with which to cause trouble.

Such as the bombshells this week — in the wake of anti-semitic violence breaking out across the country — in which Greene compared vaccination and masking for the COVID-19 pandemic to what Jews faced in the Holocaust.

It's utterly outrageous. Indefensible. Reprehensible. Despicable.

So what's McCarthy do?

Is this the line that finally gets Greene not only called into the leader's office for the dressing-down of a lifetime — but leaks that McCarthy's finally talking with Pelosi about expulsion?

That's what should be happening.

And if we weren't living in a bizarro-world where Republicans have lost all moorings of morality and patriotism, that's exactly what would be happening.

Uh, no.

But Kevin McCarthy wants you to know how upset he is by what Greene has done. He really wants you to know.

That's why he tweeted his outrage. (And isn't that how all the kids are handling their outrage today, anyway?)

And if you still are entirely convinced of his full-steam of outrage, McCarthy helpfully attached a link to a press release, in which he expresses his outrage using even more words.

Meanwhile, Mr. Leader, those of us out here in the real world are taking Greene's comments, and actions, a trifle more seriously.